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call to any good readers!

several months ago i asked all of you for book recommendations for a paper on the social injustice of meat-production and meat-consumption. you may or may not remember that it's for a social justice paper contest at the seminary i go to.

well, the deadline for submission is this friday and i've finally hammered out the rough draft of my essay on how the meat society robs others of food by wasting it unnecessarily on animals. it's still a working draft, but i'd really like some reviews/edits/yada yada.

i've uploaded the paper to http://unshadowed.com/~ft/social-justice.doc and if you've got a good eye for reading papers, i'd really love your help. i'd also love your edits if you think i should rearrange/reorganize/etc. the paper is centered around the theme passage for this year, isaiah chapter 61.

you can download the paper and then just make any edits obvious (use bold, highlighting, other colrs of fonts, whatever you like) and email it back to me at xryansmithx@gmail.com

i'd really love to win just so i can stand up and read this paper about the benefits vegetarianism has to the starving people in the world to the rest of my school.

i need them back by thursday around lunch time so i can make the edits for friday's deadline. thanks ahead of time to anyone that helps out!
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